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At the pace technology is moving we want to make children aware of how significant of a role technology will play in society. We want to introduce a variety of different technologies (such as programming, security, etc) to children from a young age.

We want to create an environment where children see programming as a fun and creative activity, that they can enjoy playing with to create their own website, games, apps, etc.

We are a collective of developers, designers, and managers that are passionate about giving back to the community through education. We are a non-profit group focused on providing basic technology lessons to children of all ages, through free workshops. We have no commercial motivation.


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Our first class!

Posted: Young Coders AU / Date: Tue Aug 08 2017 / Category: HTML & CSS

We had our first class over the weekend and it was lots of fun. We had 8 attendies and kicked off by playing fun coding logic games. Then we learnt about the basics of how to create a HTML page. To get started with our coding we used an online text editor called Glitch(https://glitch.com/). Glitch makes it very easy to get a website setup and deployed to the internet with a single click. If you missed our workshop here is an overview of what we learnt.
What is HTML?
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) contains the building blocks of a website. It contains the code for which an internet browser reads and displays text, links, images, video and lots more. It’s one of the easiest markup languages to learn and understand and ideal for teaching the basics of programming to kids over 8 years old.
What is CSS?
CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is the styling language for a website. It allows you to add colour, fonts, animations and much more to your site. It’s slightly more complicated than HTML, however it’s still a very easy language to learn.
After we learnt the basics of HTML and CSS everyone got some homework to do. The homework task was to create our own version of a website called Rupert the bear. In the coming weeks we will be adding our own image, customising the colours and editing the content using the template. you can find sample HTML code @ https://young-coders-01.glitch.me/
For the Adults
Our workshops aren’t just for kids. We also want to teach you how to code no matter your age. If you’d like to learn HTML or CSS and build your own website we would love to have you. If it’s something you might be interested in, please get in touch.
The Young Coders team ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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